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Medium walk 1, walking time about 2½ hours

Klobenstein - Siffian - Rielinger - Unterinn - bus to Klobenstein
Altitude 770 m to 1100 m

Start at Klobenstein (1100 m), take the path no. 15B and 21 down to Siffian (1000 m) and continue to Rielingerhof (770 m). Then take the "Keschtnweg" path westbound to the Earth Pyramids (870 m) and continue to Unterinn (900 m). From Unterinn return to Klobenstein by bus.

Medium walk 2, walking time about 2½ hours

Unterinn - Rielinger - Unterinn
Altitude 770 m to 900 m

Start at Unterinn (900 m), near the church take the "Keschtnweg" path easterly direction to the Earth Pyramids (870 m) and continue to Rielingerhof (770 m). Return by the same route.

Departure time of the bus from Unterinn to Klobenstein is 16.40. This tour is possible from Tuesday to Friday (Monday is closing day at Rielingerhof; on week-ends there's no bus in the afternoon). Schedules available at Ploerr. In midsummer it's too hot to walk in this area; therefore in July and August Rielinger is closed. It is worth stopping to see the Siffian St. Peter church; you can get the key at the farm nearby (farmer speaks German, ask for: "der Schlüssel für die Kirche, bitte").

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